Handmade & customized to fit you


My love for creating my own sustainable wardrobe has been with me for as long as I can remember. With MENAI, I want to give Women the option of investing in unique handmade clothing, created in limited quantities, slowly and to order – On purpose. My main design principles are comfort & everyday luxury; I customise your MENAI piece based on your measurements. Everything you see is designed and constructed in Dubai; no production lines, no factories, just me and my sewing machine.

Menai were the daughters of Selene (Goddess of the Moon), and her mortal lover, King Endymion. They represented the 50 months of the 4-year Olympiad cycle.. A symbol of strength. Women – Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – all perform god-like feats on a daily basis. We are a collective force that can shape this World for the better.

Thank you for visiting my store & considering slow fashion. You being here shows you are intrigued by more sustainable options, and means you are already making a positive change ♡

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